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05 Jul

grace and suffering

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I was touched by pastor’s sermon this morning. He shared with us why there are sufferings in this world.

Excerpt from a song he shared with us:

And as your pain is slowing easing,
You can find the great reason
To live your life triumphant through the tears…
When answers aren’t enough
There is Jesus…
He is more than just an answer to your prayer
And your heart will find a safe and peaceful refuge
When answers aren’t enough
He is there…

One thing pastor reminded us:

神 籍 著 其 他 人 , 身 邊 人 的 說 話 , 他 們 的 代 禱 , 將 恩 典 賜 給 我 們 .

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  1. 文井
    July 5th, 2009 at 20:59 | #1


  2. hung hung
    July 8th, 2009 at 00:30 | #2

    God will make a way…when there seems to be no way..He works in way, we cannot see, He will make a way….

    I remember when i was very down…Just by knowing God is here with me, i feel peaceful…even tho the is a “big hole of my heart” still were in front of me…i couldn’t fill that up, even God…His plan maybe not to fill that up, but He was willing sit next by me, watching the hole with me..He use His way…and that’s enough for me.

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