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05 Jul

table for one

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Went to the restaurant we used to go to together on Sunday afternoons. It felt a bit strange to tell the waitress “table for one” this time. It was always for two. I used to say “for two” so naturally, so many times, without even thinking twice about it.

My friends all told me to stay away from places where we used to go together…why make myself feeling down and miserable re-living past memories? I understand where they are coming from – and truely appreciate their caring of me. But…sometimes I feel facing my memories and emotions is the best way to help me move on. Re-living memories hurts deeply, but avoiding them can be more painful…don’t you think?

Part of me I can feel she is still around…with her presence, going to these places – at least I feel comforted remembering these moments.

There is a little bit of love we can always hang on to, with our memories. We try hard to not let them slip away.

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  1. wil
    July 7th, 2009 at 02:20 | #1

    ditto Jonah. Regardless of good or bad moments in relationship, we try not to let them slip away.

    “table for one” will be another past memory for you becos God has another good plan waiting for you to receive :)


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