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07 Jul

be myself

We always wanted to be like somebody.

When we grew up, we looked for role models. We learned to mimic people around us. We were attracted to to a particular figure, mentor, “idol”… And usually, more than just one.

As we grew older…we then realized we don’t really want to be somebody else. We want to be “ourselves”. I want to be me. I may not be “special”, but at least I am “unique”.

But I begin to realize being true to oneself isn’t always the perfect answer. We hurt other people around us simply by just “being ourselves”. We may be hurting others even without us knowing, and this may go on for a long time. And sadly, often times hurting those we actually cared the most.

I want to be myself. But I am also learning to be the person that He wants me to be like.

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