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17 Oct

day 2 – monument valley

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Monument Valley has this mystical, mythical and serene aura to it.

The most breathtaking viewpoint is perhaps the approach from Mexican Hat via US 163. The day’s (short) hikes and driving tours were surreal. It was simply a treat to witness His majestic creation, especially with His presence. Towards the end of my visit I ran across a few young Brits fellas (actually from Wales). They were standing next to me and I noticed they were jumping up and down screaming “I love this place!”. Strangely, they invited me to join them; and even more strangely, I agreed to go nuts with them. The sounds of three voices, “I love this place” echoed surrounding the beautiful mesas, buttes and red rocks. Crazy.

The morning and afternoon went quite uneventfully (again); and I was intending to wait till sunset to drive back into the heart of Monument Valley. Watching the sunset at Monument Valley is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. That was MY plan, and actually – my main purpose of visiting Monument Valley. But of course, God has better plans for me; and what HE has prepared is always something unexpected, but more rewarding.

As I mentioned in my earlier post; I should have rented a Jeep or 4×4 driving around this area. Although the main roads within Monument Valley are mostly paved, there are still plenty of unpaved, rugged and sandy side roads. And I made the mistake of venturing into one of these back tracks. And some where along the way, I got stuck. The side road was too sandy for my car, and I found my Camry hopelessly spinning its wheels, simply just digging deeper and deeper into the sand dunes. It’s close to five in the evening – which, is perfect for capturing sunset moments; but not the best time to get stuck especially the area is closing soon. The valley gets quieter, and it’s getting darker.

Certainly it’s not the end of the world. I started to plan ahead for the worse case scenario – including the possibility of camping-out inside my car for the night; and hopefully able to flag someone down in the morning to summon a tow truck. Maybe God really wants me to spend the night here, practically in isolation and solitude with Him, in Monument Valley. I am saying to myself. I remembered the chapter of Life with God the night before, about Immanuel.

Since the sun hadn’t completely set yet, I decided to give it a shot and try to walk to the nearest marker (John Ford Point) and get help. I came to a horse-back riding ranch, and thank God – I met a few helpers here (actually right before they close up for business, and leave); and one of the native American lady (“TJ”) offered to take me back to the main entrance station for help. A young girl (“Laniah”, perhaps her daughter) also hopped onto her trunk, and we drove back to the main gate.

Monument Valley resides within the Navajo tribal area – it’s not exactly like I can just call 9-1-1 or AAA. Worst yet, all the “official rangers” had just left the area. Fortunately, TJ bumped into another Indian young man (Colin) and summoned him for help, and the four of us drove back to the “site”.

We didn’t have any chains or tools – all that we got is a shovel, and help from three strangers whom I have never met in my life – with hearts of gold desperately trying to help me out. Colin, myself, and even the little girl Laniah – we were all on our knees, backs, crawled under the car and tried to shovel (with that one shovel, and with our bare hands) sand away from the wheels and beneath the car. TJ was digging up wild yucca bushes around – so they can be placed underneath the wheels and used as “mats” to provide traction. “God created everything, and everything with it’s unique purpose and at the perfect time” – I reminded myself. I felt like these guys are MacGyver’s.

The first attempt – we were able to move the car a few feet back; but then it got stuck again. It had been almost an hour of sweat. We were tired, and a little frustrated. But young Laniah remained upbeat, joyous and energetic. “Let’s keep trying!” The beauty of being eighteen.

I remembered we cranked up the car stereo and I was playing the song “Soul Serenade II” from the [Chimes]. They were singing:

Jesus (You gave me joy)
Jesus (You gave me hope)
Jesus (You gave me strength)
Jesus (You gave me life)

Jesus (You set me free)
Jesus (Now I can see)
Jesus (You have the key)
Jesus (Eternity)

We then tried a second time – but again after moving the car a few feet, but then stalled. The four of us got sand all over us, and tired. But my three new friends were committed in helping me out till the very end. They had every right and reason to just leave and ask me to go get “professional” help the next morning. I prayed to God, “Please – we are so close. God I know you answer our prayers.”

Out of nowhere, two truck drivers came along. They are native Americans too; and I was so glad I was with TJ and company. TJ and Colin got them to come around and help. With the six of us; we managed to push the car backwards out of the sand dunes; and finally “rescued” it.

I witnessed God’s love throughout this “unexpected event”. His Love for me, and also the love He created in all us – our hearts to help each other, unconditionally, without pretense. I was reminded of the parable of the good Samaritan. I do not know whether my Indian friends are of Christian faith; but I know He created us and gave each of us the heart to love. I thanked them graciously, and also thank Him for sending me angels – at the right place, and at the perfect time when I needed help most.

At the end I wasn’t able to take any sunset photos, but what I experienced was far more sweeter, heartfelt joyful and rewarding. My “plan” didn’t work out, but I experienced something better. The evening before 10/17.

Along US 163, I found this.
Day 2

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    It really reminds me of “Stupid is as stupid does…” oops! I meant your Forrest Gump sign. :-)

    Be road smart and take care!

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