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24 Dec


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算起來 過了聖誕 老爸已走了十年

最近在收拾零碎雜物 翻起了老爸的一些舊信
內容很簡單 不過是說 思念我們
叮囑著要留意身體健康 天氣轉涼了
寥寥數字 難掩關懷之情

十年 路也多走了一小截
不是很長 但也不算短了
誠言 得多於失
仍堅信前面的路會是更美好 生活更豐盛

生命裡總不免拾起不同的傷痕 埋藏在心屝內
不經意地我們就把這門關上 鎖起來
這就是我們的 “brokenness”

當年 身邊的朋友給我很大的鼓勵
多了另一番感受 這會心微笑的感覺
真的 是多了一點世故罷

在這裡分享 倘若此一刻你在人生歷程中正在爭扎
或許 你會發現有些幫助

Look Beyond Today

There is a landscape larger
than the one within our view
If we can only look beyond
the old to find the new,
If we can understand each day
that time is on our side –
That with a little effort,
hope can help to turn the tide –
For there is a landscape larger
than the one which we can see
Where the sun is shining brighter
and true joy waits patiently

– Emily Matthews

Just Hang On

In all the times that seem so hard
When tears cry out inside,
You must explore new ways to live,
Reverse depression’s tide.

When all of your solutions
Stay away, remain unknown,
And you are isolated
In your heart and feel alone,

Remember that the world
Is full of others just like you
And you can reach beyond the darkness,
Change your point of view.

Everyone has moments
When their problems seem too much.
Everyone has joys that seem
Elusive, out of touch.

But when it all seems very bleak
And hope has all but gone,
Remember time will heal your heavy thoughts
If you’ll hang on.

– Bruce Wilmer

Jeremiah 30:17

耶 和 華 說 : 我 必 使 你 痊 愈 , 醫 好 你 的 傷 痕 。

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    sorry it took so long.. but to answer your question first.. i STILL haven’t gotten khalil tickets yet :( my cousin’s taking forever.. so yea. anyway.. it is good that you had such wonderful friends helping you out during such a hard time

    btw, you got a shout out. and uh.. i like DJ better, so yea. you’re stuck with it :)

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