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17 Oct

day 1 – monticello

A relatively uneventful first day. First time experiencing “unassigned seating” on my Southwest flight, en route to Salt Lake City (I didn’t get the chance to meet the rapping flight attendant, unfortunately). I took the Camry as my rental car – in hindsight, I should have asked for a Jeep or mini-4×4 (see my later posts).

Driving across the arid and remote southwest landscape is certainly a unique and refreshing experience – but can also be a bit frightening, especially after dark. You see miles and miles of nothing-ness, except occasionally spotting patches of yucca and juniper along the highway. You are driving highways and byways cutting through valleys and canyons, while enclosed by complete darkness and stillness. It’s not my first time driving across these southwestern states, but such “hollow” and secluded feelings can be unbearable after hours and hours of driving; and you realize you have wandered into areas with neither cellular signals, nor radio stations reception. But somehow, paradoxically, I found myself drawn to such feelings of solitude and be lost in such desolate landscapes.

My 300-mile drive to Monticello included a stop at Moab, the mountain-bikers’ haven which I fell in love with, when I first visited the area close to ten years ago. I tried to find that one Chinese restaurant which I magically discovered and went last time – but couldn’t find it at the end. Instead of trying another all-you-can-eat Chinese-and-American joint, I decided to visit a tiny Thai restaurant called Singha. The decor looks authentic enough, though food was rather average (and a bit over-priced, even taken into consideration this is a touristy town). I ordered a dish with basil, which I remember she loves.

Spent the night at Monticello, started reading a book recommended by a number of dear friends: “Life with God”, by Richard Foster. A deeply insightful resource that talks about spiritual transformation for Christians. The first chapters reminded me of Immanuel, God is with me.

I was accompanied by music most of the day, including 陳奕迅 <上五樓的快活>, Swing <武當>, 方大同 <Timeless 可啦思刻> and 梁靜茹 <靜茹&情歌 – 別再為他流淚>.

There are moments in life where all you need…is music.

Nothing Ever Happened 陳奕迅
作曲: 林暐哲   作詞: 林嘉欣

Hey, you once called me your baby
Say it for the last time
With all your strength and meaning it this time

Hey, you once promised me the world
But I never asked for it
But I never asked for it

Hey, you once praised me beautiful
Why I’d get get weaker
Why would I get weaker

Oh please, please don’t,
I am so scared, scared you’re too perfect for me
Or am I too naive for you

Either way it’s too late
Too late for regrets, I’m hurrrrrrt
Leave me out of love
Leave love out, leave me out

Hey, let’s just pretend
Nothing ever happened
Nothing ever happened

Hey, let’s just pretend
Nothing ever happened
Nothing nothing never ever happened

Day 1

12 Aug

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

翻唱舊歌 有著另一種味道
Khalil – Timeless

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You 方大同
曲/詞: Gerry Goffin/Michael Masser
O.S.: George Benson/Glenn Medeiros