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18 Aug

living beyond the ribbon of time

Recently read this from MetamorphaBlog, titled “Living Beyond the Ribbon of Time”. So true…

Indeed – I had been living in chronos all these times, especially the last few years.

There are moments where we do have to focus on productivity and efficiency. And there are times when we have to hurry. But life is lived best from kairos, not chronos. If we’re not careful chronos can enslave us to a barren busyness that drains us of the passion and wonder of life. Moreover, it deafens our ears to the voice of God who calls to us in kairos moments where heaven and earth intersect.

Life is lived best when we slow down enough to pay attention and enjoy the ordinary kairos moments: things like laughter with friends, a good meal, throwing the best of ourselves into our jobs with passion, catching a great wave on a surfboard, receiving the bread and wine at the communion table, and unhurried time with our spouse.

Life is lived best when we make it an art. Life is lived best when we ignore the busyness, the push and pull of life, and we stop to enjoy the present. Life is at its best when we live beyond the ribbon of time and the tick, tick, tick of the clock.

Living Beyond the Ribbon of Time

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